Saturday, 30 June 2007

And one I forgot earlier

I don't know how I missed this one. Today's journey included the Turchino, which is probably familiar to lots of our readers from Milan-San Remo. For me, it's the race I have to watch because it goes through so much familiar territory and it usually leaves me a bit weepy and homesick; not that it was ever actually home, but I spent an awful of time in Liguria at one stage in my life.

So it's been a bit hard today, receiving these photos - the one of the densely wooded hills almost made me cry - and helping Roger find a hotel (Saturday night, end of June, Ligurian coast just up from Portofino - not entirely straightforward) which entailed trawling through web sites showing plates of traditional Ligurian antipasti and getting all lyrical, justifiably, about their focaccia. I can close my eyes and think of proper, Ligurian focaccia, soft and oozing olive oil, and see my elder children tiny again, playing on the beach or yawning over endless dinners at little rustic places up in the hills.

Anyway, it's inland again tomorrow in the general direction of Lucca, which is 200 km from Genova so he'll not get there tomorrow. I shall feel better once he's riding into Tuscany.

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